Software Quality Assurance Jobs in the UK

Quality assurance jobs are like the double-check or even triple-check of a software’s functionality. The quality assurance agency places highly qualified people in these positions who understand quality control vs. quality assurance. Quality assurance testing is a critical factor in making sure that software works as promised. This quality assurance process is delineated in the quality assurance job description in great detail. The education, training, and control put into place for quality assurance jobs are severe. Those looking for a job in this field will face serious interview questions to make sure they have the experience necessary to excel in this position.

There are plenty of vacancies in this area, for full time and part time jobs. For the highly skilled quality assurance managers, the salary is exceptional in the UK. This is one of the reasons why this job position of the Quality Assurance Manager is a really strong job. The UK is actively seeking foreign workers that can fill these positions.

Simply check out the jobs listed for a Quality Assurance Manager on for the available positions in London, Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and other parts of England.

Quality Assurance Manager Jobs for Software Development in the UK

A Quality Assurance Manager in the UK can easily find a good position. Having skills in this area of talent as a quality assurance engineer is a job skill that is in high demand, whether a programmer is a trainee, is a manger or has certification at a graduate level.

Currently, there are about 4,200 open positions in the UK for Quality Assurance Managers.  Many talented foreign workers that have quality assurance management skills are able to get a work permit and sponsorship for a position with a company located in the UK.

Quite a few skilled Quality Assurance Managers come from India and China to find good jobs in the UK. Americans also frequently get work permits when they have these specialized Quality Assurance Management skills and wish to work in the UK.  The need for talented Quality Assurance Managers in the UK and the EU is very high, so foreigners are welcome to apply for these positions.

Quality Assurance Manager Job Description

A Quality Assurance Manager oversees a process as reported by Technopedia that makes sure the software requested by the paying clients meets the specifications and works within the defined parameters to produce adequate results.

As the software comes into being, the Quality Assurance Manager puts the software through many tests to make sure it lives up to the expectations in an ongoing process as each version releases. The process of software quality assurance overseen by the Quality Assurance Manager includes robust testing of the software’s performance to make sure it is suitable, functional, and produces the desired results.

Workable has a nice template for creating a job posting about a Quality Assurance Manager position, which shows the basic job requirements, which include the following.

Job Openings for a Quality Assurance Manager

This position for a Quality Assurance Manager requires a programmer with experience creating scalable, high-performance, enterprise software applications that are rigorously tested. The Quality Assurance Manager will work with a software development team to build mission-critical apps to see if they function under severe stress tests in a practical environment.

The Quality Assurance Manager will participate in the complete lifecycle of software development that begins with the conceptual design and ends with robust testing.

The main job function of the Quality Assurance Manager is to break things and to highlight the places where the software code is not working.

Job Responsibilities When Things Go Well

  • Help to design and develop mission critical applications for usage at high volumes that have superb performance metrics and extreme availability.
  • Work with the software development team from start to finish
  • Challenge sloppy code writing that does not work well and does not integrate easily in the total software development system.
  • Check the code to make sure it satisfies the detailed specifications.
  • Help improve the code with updates and new releases that fix problems.

Job Responsibilities When Things Go Poorly

  • Understand the difference between elegant code and poorly-written code.
  • Point out the flaws and give detailed explanations of how to make improvements.
  • Encourage the software development team to reach for a higher standard of excellence.

The interview questions for a Quality Assurance Manager come from the job requirements.

Job Requirements

  • The education level required is a minimum of a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or Software Engineering. Having a Master’s of Science is preferred.
  • Significant experience in software development and management of a team of programmers on projects.
  • Extensive experience working with many programming languages and being able to integrate comprehensive solutions.
  • Familiarity with object-oriented software design parameters and the most popular Internet software presentation systems for computers, laptops, and mobile devices.
  • Deep knowledge of relational database software in all the most popular forms.

Some begin a career as a Quality Assurance Manager while still attending school as a part time trainee, working as an intern.

What Is the Salary for a Quality Assurance Manager in the UK?

PayScale reports that the entry-level for a Quality Assurance Manager trainee is around £24,219 annually. An average salary for an experienced Quality Assurance Manager is £35,246 annually. Senior Quality Assurance Managers earn up to £57,064 per year on average across the UK.

Working in London pays the best. Senior Quality Assurance Managers in London can earn up to £70,278 annually. Salaries in Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast, and in Leeds, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales are lower than those found in London are.

The Future for Quality Assurance Managers

Chron reported that there is a high demand for Quality Assurance Mangers in the USA, making it a hot job market in the USA. Unemployment for software developers in the United States is at 2.6%. This figure is less than half of the unemployment rate for other types of work in America, which was 6.1% during 2015.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor (BLS) estimates for the next decades that increasing job growth will continue for software development positions in America. This will add 186,800 jobs in America over the next decade.

Gaining experience as a Quality Assurance Manager in the UK is a transferrable skill that is in high demand in most countries. Many countries encourage the migration of skilled Quality Assurance Managers and make it easy for foreigners to get a work permit.


Quality Assurance Managers, who are skilled, can count on finding a good job in the UK. The positions are available and they pay very competitive salaries. Senior Quality Assurance Managers also get benefits on top of the annual salary that can be as much as an extra £9,787 per year.

Students who have an interest in computer programming will find great jobs waiting for them when they graduate from school if they get the skills needed to become a Quality Assurance Manager. The high demand for Quality Assurance Managers does not show any sign of decreasing any time during the next decade.

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