PHP Developer Jobs in the UK

PHP was the brainchild of a single programmer, Rasmus Lerdorf, who released the first version of PHP in 1994. PHP had its basis in the C programming language and that provided a useful set of Common Gateway Interfaces (CGI) for the emerging Internet. Lerdorf created this new PHP code in a somewhat selfish way to demonstrate his skills in posting his online résumé AND tracking the attention it received. PHP is an acronym that stands for Personal Home Page. The PHP innovation was the tracking of what happened after an Internet user read his résumé. At this time in 1994, this was an extraordinary advancement. In other words, when users clicked on the résumé of Lerdorf, the software code recorded their actions.

The Story

This was the precursor to the tracking of millions of views on YouTube and the millions of “likes” on Facebook that came many decades later. Lerdorf wanted to give the website owners a way to understand who came to visit their web pages and who was interested in the material presented on the web pages.

This was one of the first efforts to make the web interactive and this form of interaction became the standard thereafter.

As time went on, Lerdorf continued to improve his PHP tools that provided a framework, which helped web developers to innovate. To his credit, Lerdorf released the PHP source code for the PHP tools to the public in 1995. In other words, just like other geniuses, such as Linus Torvals who gave away the software called “Linux” that is used by the vast majority of computer servers to manage and display content for the Internet, Lerdorf gave away his PHP software for the greater good.

The entire world is indebted to these early software developers who had the foresight to see that by giving their best stuff away, it would make the world better! God bless them!

All Internet users need to be forever grateful to the visionary Lerdorf who saw the bigger picture. He realized in 1995 by releasing the code for PHP as open source, it would encourage the massive explosion of the Internet.

Lerdorf joined a major tribe of software developers that saw the future. They gave away their most amazing innovations because they saw this as the noblest cause possible in their lives. We thank them, we love them, and we appreciate them. The world changed because of them.

PHP Developer Jobs in the UK

Nowadays, a PHP developer in the UK can easily find a good position. Having skills writing PHP code is a talent in high demand, whether a programmer is at the junior, senior, or graduate level.

Currently, there are 2,500 open positions in the UK for PHP developers.  Many talented foreign workers that have PHP development skills are able to get a work permit and sponsorship for a position with a company located in the UK.

Quite a few skilled PHP developers come from India and China to find good jobs in the UK. Americans also frequently get work permits when they have these specialized PHP software developer skills and wish to work in the UK.

JobsEngine has many listings for PHP developers and for those looking for a PHP cron job in the UK or the European Union.

PHP Developer Job Description

Workable has a nice template for creating a job posting about a PHP developer position, which shows the basic job requirements, and covers the basic interview questions, which include these details about PHP jobs.

PHP Developer Jobs

An open position for a PHP developer exists for a person who uses his or her software creation skills with a dedication to create programming code that they know is very high quality as an integral part of larger software development projects.

The best programmers who work with PHP know how to reach a high standard, write code that scales well, and can meet rigorous deadlines.

PHP developers are part of a larger team that has the responsibility for an entire software development project. These projects begin with development, based on detailed specifications. Then, the software team writes the code that meets the project specifications. After that, they test the programming code to uncover flaws prior to a public launch.

Work Effort Responsibility

The most important job requirement is to write code that has a good design, is clean, and efficient. The software code must perform according to the detailed specifications in an optimal way.

Perfect functionality is the key. Testing and troubleshooting the programming code for resiliency and performance is part of the work. Nothing is assumed.

The industry’s best practices are a guide for the programming work and developers must contribute their best efforts in all parts of the development process. Innovation and suggestions for improvements in programming functions, system design, and data management processes are encouraged.

Experience Requirements

The person needed for a PHP developer position needs to have experience in the complex PHP development processes. It is important for them to understand how PHP works with Drupal, Joomla, osCommerce, and Wikis.

Understanding web development is also very important. They need to understand basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTML 5, AJAX and other Internet programming languages.

Understanding Internet browsers, relational databases, version control tools and web services, found in the cloud, is critical knowledge. This is necessary for someone to succeed in this position. Experience with social media and related third party APIs that work with Google, eBay, Facebook, and other popular systems is crucial.

Educational Requirements

Having a Bachelor of Science in computer science, engineering or in another related subject is the minimum. A Master’s degree is preferred.

Some begin a career as a PHP developer while still attending school as a part time trainee, working as an intern until they graduate. There are also PHP contract jobs, for those that wish to work on a freelance basis.

What Is the Salary for a PHP developer in the UK?

Payscale reports that the entry-level for a PHP developer trainee is around £19,384 annually. An average salary for an experienced PHP developer is £27,521 annually. Senior PHP developers earn up to £41,763 per year on average across the UK. PHP programmers who also have programming skills in MySQL and JavaScript command higher salaries.

Working in London pays the best. Senior PHP programmers in London can earn up to £49,835 annually. In Manchester, the salary for Senior PHP programmers maxes out at £35,347 per year. Salaries for PHP developers in Birmingham, Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales are, on average, about 10% lower than those found in London.

The Future for PHP Developers

Gaining experience in PHP development in the UK is a transferrable skill that is in high demand in most countries. Many countries encourage the migration of skilled PHP programmers and make it easy for foreigners to get a work permit.

ItJobsWatch says that the salaries of PHP programmers in the UK are increasing each year and the number of open job positions are increasing as well.


PHP developers, who are skilled, can count on finding a good job in the UK. Positions are available that pay very competitive salaries. Senior PHP developers also get benefits on top of the annual salary that can be as much as an extra £3,958 in bonuses plus an average of £983 in profit sharing per year.

Students who have an interest in computer programming will find great jobs waiting for them, when they graduate from school, if they study PHP. The high demand for PHP developers does not show any sign of reductions in the next years, so the future is very promising for those that are currently learning PHP programming.

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