Accountancy Jobs in the UK

If a person wants to have a future in the global economy, the field of accountancy is very attractive. Graduate accounting jobs, entry-level accountancy jobs, and assistant accountant jobs, all have one thing in common: they help organizations know the results of the application of materials and labor, which results in profits for the company. Think of accountancy jobs as a record of the scorecard, similar to an official that keeps the score in a sports competition.

Accounting Jobs

If one were looking for a job in London, Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Scotland, Northern Ireland, or Wales, England, they would be so smart to have the qualifications of the typical accounting job description for jobs offered in those areas.

Trainee Accountant Jobs

Besides getting the educational skills necessary for management accountant jobs, it is important to get on-the-job skills training. Some gain this experience with part time accounting jobs, while they are still in school.

National Account Manage Jobs

The salary of junior accountants is modest to say the least. When facing accountancy interview questions, it is important for new accountants to express enthusiasm. One way for a junior accountant to learn quickly is to take an internship position in forensic accounting jobs, where efforts are made to unravel what happened from past transactions.

It is this attention to detail and the investigation of the mathematical calculations that make the accountancy profession and its efforts so interesting.

Contemporary Jobs in Accountancy

People, who do well in an occupation as an accountant, get a personal satisfaction when the accounts add up correctly, everything is accounted for, and the balance totals are accurate.

An expert accountant adds up the sums using a ten-key calculator and crosschecks them against another addition. When the sums are the same, it is a great feeling.

Everything is in balance and everything adds correctly.

Modern accounting is more than simply adding up the math. It also includes allocation of the costs and expenses to the proper accounts. Usually, there are benchmarks for expense levels for each account, to show if any amount is more or less than expected.

Here are some of the current job descriptions of accountancy positions that are available in contemporary times:

Accountant Clerk– This is a starting level position and the pay is about £18,000 per year.

Head of Finance – £60,000 to £65,000 per year.
The job requirements for this position are to take charge as leader of the financial team. This key position includes providing finance solutions that are customer-focused and have an impact on the bottom line of the organization’s profits.

The Head of Finance oversees all flows of the financial accounts to make sure the organization stays in legal compliance with all the required reporting procedures. This is a proactive position and includes making strategic suggestions for future budget controls and financial planning that involves decisions about materials resourcing, supplies, and the use of outside services.

The Head of Finance must be a fully qualified accountant who is also able to manage a small and effective team. Communication skills at the level of excellence are a priority and the ability to make comprehensible reports to the various stakeholders is essential. Those who have previously worked for commercial enterprises in a similar fashion as well as those who worked for non-profit organizations are encouraged to apply for these positions.

Deputy Accountant – This job position is for a deputy accountant that wants to work for a public university. The annual pay is £38,896 – £46,414.

The job requires daily updates of the accounting balances and providing information to the organization’s treasury department that helps with future planning. You will need to have excellent communication skills and attention to detail. Knowledge of VAT legal requirements and the ability to process payroll are essential. Previous experience in a university setting is a plus.

Since this job is for a higher educational institution, the benefits are exceptional. Benefits include holiday leave, healthcare, childcare, as well as flexible working hours.

Income Accountant – £39,000 to £47,000 per year.
The job responsibilities in this position include sourcing the best cost efficient solution for the needs of the organization, analysing, and then preparing reports for the trustees that provides accurate information about the organization’s operations. The job responsibilities include managing the staff of the income and the financial teams.

CCAB/CIMA qualification from the NHS is a job requirement to work in this position and sufficient background in a proven capacity for income accounting is necessary. The ability to monitor contract performance and commissioning is also a key factor.

Trainee Accountancy Recruitment Consultant – £22,000 basic salary per year and £80,000 1st year OTE.
Work with the top investment banks to find accountancy candidates for compliance and risk management. This work is in the heart of the city of London. With 30 of 40 consultants earning over £100k last year, this firm is well positioned for success.

Graduate Sales Support – This is a perfect position for those that just graduated from university. These entry-level positions pay between £22,000 to £25,000 per year.

The job requirements are generating sales in collaboration with an international team that provides solutions for economic intelligence in real estate, governmental contracts, and professional services.

Operational Accountancy Researcher – £48,000 per year.
In this job, the goal is to use computer modelling to represent the outcomes for government projects and how they may affect stakeholders who have by their nature conflicting viewpoints.

All the stakeholders need to get current updates as the governmental project moves forward to inform them of the changes that occur.

This position is high profile and requires significant interface with the public under high-pressure dynamics. To make a success, the position requires the ability to create data models that are robust and accurate and then be able to convey the information derived from the models to the public in a meaningful way.

A person with an engaging personality that can take complex accountancy models and then distill them down to understandable public issues that address the needs of the stakeholders will have the best chance of succeeding in this position.

Junior Accountant – £22,000 per year.
In this position, you will work to assemble the totals of the general ledgers in the areas of your focus and help to make sure the information is accurate and substantive.

Finance and Resource Manager – £38,000 per year.
Serve as management lead for organizational resources. Be responsible for financial and strategic planning, human resource requirements, information about potential acquisitions, processing data flow, and expanding management effectiveness.

As a senior staff member, the finance manager works closely with the Board of Trustees and the Director of the Board. The senior finance manager will be a participant in major decisions regarding the future direction of the organization.

Senior Accountant – £48,000 per year.
This position requires at least five years experience in lower level positions, plus the ability to work with the management of a team of other junior accountants.

Junior Auditor – The tax accounting firms always need accountants and the starting pay is about £21,900 per year.

Auditor – Once you get your chops down and move up the ladder in a major accounting firm, expect your pay to rise to about £32,000+ per year.

Tax Accountant – For those interested in an accountancy career, the best place to specialize is in tax accounting. This is the one place that major UK corporations want to see results because the tax rates are so high in the UK.

Senior Tax Accountant – In this position, expect to earn over £48,000 per year, especially if the financial management of the firm under your influence tracks the tax burden of the organization.


It is evident that there are many entry level accountancy positions in the UK that need to be filled. The annual salaries are good and the accountancy jobs are available for those with the skills and experience.

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