Dream Jobs

Getting a dream job starts with having the dream. We found some terrific lists of jobs that many consider to be dream jobs. These will help give those searching for a dream jobs some fresh ideas. Nevertheless, a dream job for any particular person is his or her own choice. The definition of dream jobs are jobs that the person would love to do, even if they were not paid to do it.

What Is Your Dream Job?

The UK Telegraph conducted a survey of about 3,000 people to ask them about their ideas of dream jobs. It turns out that three out of five people in the UK want to change their job, but are stopped by not having enough money or skills to follow their dreams.

The top ten dream jobs for UK workers reported by the Telegraph are:

  1. Pilot – Being a jet fighter pilot tops the list for excitement.
  2. Working for a charity or a non-profit organization – Many find the idea of giving back enjoyable.
  3. Writer – The success of J.K. Rowling with her multi-billion pound enterprise of the Harry Potter series inspires so many would-be writers.
  4. Photographer – Anyone with a smart phone can take snapshots and upload them to Instagram. However, there is still an attractive mystique about getting a perfect shot that becomes the cover of a magazine.
  5. Musician/Singer – Being a rock or pop star always has an allure. This path to a dream job is encouraged by the many singing talent shows that have become very popular.
  6. Sports Trainer or Coach – It is very rewarding to lead yourself and others to excellence in athletic efforts.
  7. Racecar driver or motorcycle racer – This dream job is for those that feel the need for speed.
  8. Actor – Being a thespian, otherwise known as an actor, is a career for those who want to be the centre of attention.
  9. Journalist – journalists no longer simply write for newspapers. The best and most interesting ones get their own talk show.
  10. Artist – The appeal of this career path is leaving a legacy of something creative and remembered long after one is gone.

Childhood Dreams

Forbes gave a report on a study conducted by LinkedIn on childhood dream jobs that actually pay well. The survey asked over 8,000 professionals in the United States about their dream jobs and then used information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to determine the average salaries for those jobs.

The top ten dream jobs abroad include:

  1. Professional athlete – Average annual pay for an athlete in America is US$75,760.
  2. Helicopter or airplane pilot – Commercial pilots earn on average of US$80,140 per year. Private pilots can earn up to US$128,760 per year.
  3. Research Scientists – The average pay for a scientist is US$68,360 per year.
  4. Lawyer – Attorneys in the United States earn about US$130,880 each year.
  5. Astronaut – NASA says the pay for astronauts ranges from US$67,000 to US$123,000 depending on the number of years of service.
  6. Teacher – The average pay for a teacher in America is US$51,220
  7. Veterinarian – Animal lovers can earn US$93,250 annually when working as a veterinarian.
  8. Writer, Journalist, or Novelist – US$59,180 to US$68,420 per year.
  9. Doctor, Nurse, or Healthcare Technician – Salaries start at US$73,540 annually.
  10. Singers and Musicians – US$31.94 per hour up to millions each year for famous pop stars.

Lifehack notes some interesting dream jobs that are unusual, which include:

  1. Professional Sleeper – Receiving pay for sleeping is a wonderful way to make some extra money. Scientific researchers studying sleeping patterns and conducting dream research pay research participants to sleep under laboratory-controlled conditions.
  2. Movie Counter – Movie companies pay people to visit movie theatres and count the number of attendees watching the movie. Since they receive a portion of each movie ticket sold, this is the way they audit the theatre-owners to make sure the reported ticket sales are accurate.
  3. Waterslide Tester – Holiday companies sometimes pay people to travel to recreational parks, test the waterslides, and write reviews.
  4. Voice Actor – This job appears on more than one list of dream jobs. To get work in this area, it helps to be able to do more than one voice. Gender bending is also possible. A fifty-eight year old woman named Nancy Cartwright performs the voice of the animated character Bart Simpson. For her voice performance as Bart, she won an Emmy. She also does the voices of two other characters in the show, Neilson and baby Maggie. Her voice has performed characters in twenty films.
  5. Tea Taster – Are you a tea lover? Tea tasters take a sip of up to 200 cups of tea each day. They travel the world to find the best teas.
  6. Personal Shopper and Secret Shopper – A personal shopper goes out to buy things for those that are too busy to go buy them. A secret shopper acts like a regular customer and then makes a written report on the service received and the conditions of the establishment.
  7. Chocolatier – Being a candy-maker has its advantages for chocolate lovers, because it is imperative to taste the chocolate creations.
  8. Gumologist – This is the job for those who love chewing gum.
  9. Stand-in – Professional actors are a pampered bunch. Directors use stand-ins for the famous people in order to block out scenes, set the lighting correctly, and do practices run-throughs to get the best camera angles. While the famous performer is taking it easy in the trailer, the stand-in does all the tedious work for them.
  10. Professional Snuggler – This started in Japan and has spread to other parts of the world. A professional snuggler sleeps next to another person in a cuddling way to help him or her feel safe and relaxed.

Lifehack also gives this list of the ten best paying jobs that are possible to do from home:

  1. Animator – Making animation can be quite fun for those into 3D computer programs. The annual pay is around US$69,000 for an animator.
  2. Graphic Designer – Graphic design is a skill that shows off creativity. There is plenty of work available and some enjoy a freelance career where they work from home. The annual pay averages US$52,000 for top graphic designers.
  3. Writers – Freelance opportunities are available for writers as well. The average annual salary for writers is around US$52,000
  4. Financial Manager – The pay for this position is really good and averaging over US$130,000 annually. Financial managers are experts in helping others with financial planning for their businesses and for their retirement.
  5. Travel Agent – Even though the Internet made it easier to get access to travel information, there is still a need for travel planners, especially for corporations. The average salary for this position is US$56,000 per year.
  6. Software Engineers and Programmers – These skills are in high demand and workers can expect to earn up to US$94,000 per year.
  7. Infographic Designer – More businesses are using infographics as a quick way to convey information. Those who create them can earn up to US$76,000 per year.
  8. Statistical Analysts – People who like numbers and doing research find this job very rewarding. The average annual salary is US$69,000.
  9. Voice-over Actor – This is a really fun job for those who have talents in making interesting sounding voice-overs. The pay is around US$75,000 per year.
  10. Translator – Professional translators command up to US$132,000 per year.


We hope some of these ideas ignite your interest in finding your dream job. Dream in the daytime, find the dream job, and make your dreams come true.

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